Yeva Belikova is a dhampir and the mother of Olena Belikova. She was Guardian for some time, but returned home to raise her family, as she believes all dhampir women should. She is the maternal grandmother of Karolina, Dimitri, Sonja and Viktoria Belikova, and the great grandmother of Paul and Zoya Belikov(a) and Sonja's newborn baby, Katya.

In Blood Promise, when Rose Hathaway and Yeva first meet, she pretends that she can't speak nor understand English, however, it is later revealed that is was merely an act. She has a "gift" of being able to supposedly see the future, which Rose is very skeptical of. She is disappointed in Rose for staying in Baia so long and tells her she needs to leave and find Dimitri, like she came to do in the first place.

In Homecoming, she claims she knew that Rose would restore Dimitri and reveals to everyone that she foresees a wedding between Rose and Dimitri in the future. Rose rejects the idea, but the rest of the Belikov family, Dimitri included, are extremely excited at the prospect.


  • It is possible that Yeva foresaw Rose in Dimitri's future and knew that he would fall in love with her.
  • Yeva and Rose are seen to have similar personalities, espsically to their stubborness and speech. As Yeva is seen to like to playfully tease Rose and Rose refuses to believe that Yeva can see the future or that she knew that Rose would save Dimitri.
  • Yeva keeps hinting a wedding between Rose and Dimitri in the future.

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