Veronica Terwilliger is an "evil" magic user who sucks the youth and magic from young and inexperienced witches. 

The Indigo SpellEdit

Jaclyn believes that her sister has returned in order to renew the spell that keeps her both young and powerful, due to the college girl who fell into a coma in the paper. Sydney scrys for Veronica, and finds out that she is in Los Angeles. When Jaclyn scrys for her a second time, she can't find her. It is later revealed that Alicia had consumed Veronica, leaving her in a coma. Jaclyn found her as a Jane Doe at the hospital, and is looking for a way to reverse the spell.


Veronica is described as vain by Ms. Terwilliger, which is why she always goes after younger girl witches. However, Ms. Terwilliger insists that she would never harm her (Ms. Terwilliger), because killing blood is a line even she is unwilling to cross.

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