Rosemarie Hathaway and Vasilisa Dragomir have been friends for a long time. Most would say they're pretty close, so close, in fact, that they have a psychic bond. This bond was forged by Spirit when Rose died in the car crash that killed Lissa's brother, mother, and father. Rose was healed when Lissa unknowingly brought Rose's spirit back from the Land of the Dead. This is what formed their bond. Ever since Rose and Lissa became friends, Rose wanted to protect her, be her assigned guardian, and always be there for her. When Rose and Lissa were sophomores, Rose took Lissa and broke out of their private school St. Vladimir's Academy. They lived in a lot of places the two years they were abroad. They were eventually found and brought back to the Academy.
At the Academy, Rose and Lissa have plenty of misadventures to go around. What with Rose and her forbidden relationship and with Lissa's and her not-socially-acceptable relationship. Also, of course, when everyone finds out about Lissa's element, spirit.

WARNING: May Contain Spoilers! Use Caution!

Richelle on the Bond Between Rose and LissaEdit

"When I set out to write the series, I had a lot of characters' stories and subplots in my head, and I had to decide early on how I was going to address those. Rotating characters with a third-person narrative certainly lets you get a lot of stories out there--but can also leave you with a thousand-page book if you're not careful. I ultimately decided Rose was the character I was most interested in and that her story really formed the heart of the series. I chose her as my narrator but was still drawn to Lissa, both because she's fascinating in her own way and also because of her close connection to Rose. I soon realized, though, that their very connection would let me get away with slipping in another character's narrative. Rose's ability to see the world through Lissa's eye allowed us these moments of third-person POV that we wouldn't ordinarily get in a first-person series. I ended up with a sneaky kind of hybrid style of storytelling that was ultimately told with Rose's voice but expanded the world beyond her own experiences. This system became a really useful tool in Blood Promise, when Rose and Lissa were separated for the first time. Even though Rose was by far and away nearly everyone's favorite character at that point in the series, I think we all would've been sad to have a book where we didn't know what was going on with Lissa, Christian, Adrian, and the others. The bond let me continue keeping track of everyone, which became even more essential in later books as Rose and Lissa began to increasingly follow their own paths." -- Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide. Page 266.

You've been kissed by shadows. You've crossed into Death, into the other side, and returned. Do you think something like that doesn't leave a mark on the soul? ... You should have stayed dead. Vasilisa brushed death to bring you back and bound you to her forever.

Victor Dashkov on the bond the girls share, Vampire Academy, page 317.

Their Friendship in Vampire AcademyEdit

Rose and Lissa are found from their hiding place. Rose knows they need to escape, and she attempts to stage one, even with a dizzy head from the blood loss. She throws herself in front of her attackers to protect Lissa. In front of her are Guardians from St. Vladimir's Academy. They capture the girls and are dragged back to St. Vladimir's Academy. Things are different but the same at St. Vlad's. There is one girl in particular, Mia Rinaldi who tries to make Lissa's life a living hell. Rose tries as best she can to keep Lissa happy, juggle her school work, her training sessions, and have something of a social life. Rose supports Lissa when people start putting dead animals on her bed, in her school bag, etc. When Victor Dashkov has Lissa kidnapped and tries to use her spirit powers to make her heal him, Rose is the only one who can find her. She leads a bunch of guardians from the school to help rescue her.

Their Friendship in FrostbiteEdit

Their Friendship in Shadow KissEdit

Lissa and Rose attend Victor Dashkov's trail and are allowed to testify against him. Victor is sent to Tarasov prison, which is a huge weight off of Rose's and Lisa's shoulders. Rose has so many troubles but keeps them to herself, not wanting to worry Lissa. When the Strigoi attack St. Vladimir's Academy, and Dimitri is taken away, Rose begs Lissa to bring him back to life, and that is when Lissa finally realizes Rose's feelings for Dimitri. When Rose leaves to find Strigoi Dimitri, Lissa is heartbroken and distraught. Rose feels horrible about leaving, but it's what she has to do to move on.

Their Friendship in Blood PromiseEdit

Rose has left Lissa in an attempt to kill her undead Strigoi boyfriend, Dimitri Belikov. Rose and Lissa do not have any communication while Rose is in Russia, looking for Dimitri. Nearing the end of the book, when Avery Lazar is attempting to kill Lissa, Rose reaches into Lissa head while Oksana reaches into Rose's head, somehow giving Rose and Lissa the ability to speak to one another. Rose helps Lissa defeat Avery Lazar, Reed Lazar, and Simon. Rose and Lissa have an emotional goodbye, with Rose telling Lissa she's coming home soon. When Rose finally returns to St. Vladimir's Academy, everyone is elated that Rose ha returned. Rose has even "dropped back in" to school! Lissa makes Rose promise that whatever crazy plan she has next, Rose must take Lissa with her. After Rose finds out that she failed in killing Dimitri, Rose must figure out what to do next, and she has to bring Lissa with her.

Their Friendship in Spirit BoundEdit

Rose and Lissa have graduated high school. Rose received top ranks in her trials. Rose receives letters from her Strigoi boyfriend, Dimitri Belikov about how when she is outside of the wards, he will find her and kill her. Rose and Lissa move to the Moroi Royal Court. Rose hears a story about how Strigoi can be saved. The only person who knows how is Victor Dashkov's brother, Robert Doru. In order to get information about this mystery, Rose, Lissa, and Eddie Castile break Victor Dashkov out of Tarasov prison. When Robert meets with the group, Robert tells how a Strigoi can be saved. And a Spirit user must do it. In chaos, Rose loses Victor and Robert. Rose returns to Royal Court with Lissa and Eddie. Lissa learns how to use a stake and eventually saves Dimitri for Rose. At the end of the book, Rose is framed for high treason, the murder of late Queen, Tatiana Ivashkov†.

-- 22:11, June 28, 2015 (UTC)==Their Friendship in Last Sacrifice== Lissa and a few others break Rose out of the Royal Court jails. Rose is on the run with Dimitri Belikov and Sydney Sage. While Lissa tries to clear Rose's name, Rose tries to earn Lissa her right to be on the Royal Council by finding the only person who can fill the quorum: Lissa's unknown half-brother or half-sister. Rose and Lissa have almost zero contact until the end of the book, but Rose watches the world through Lissa's eyes much of the time she's away. Rose has a plan to distract the Court: Lissa run for Queen. -- 22:11, June 28, 2015 (UTC)When Rose gets back to Court, she clears her name herself and finds Jillian Mastrano Dragomir, Lissa's illegitimate half-sister. But while still on stage, Rose is shot in the chest by Natasha Ozera, the real murderer of the late Queen. While Rose is recovering, Lissa is elected Queen because her family has her quorum. Rose is elected as a member of the Queen's Guard. Rose's and Lissa's spirit bond broke because Roses body faught and saved herself after being shot.

Their Friendship in The Bloodlines SeriesEdit

Vasilisa Dragomir is rightfully Queen of the Moroi Royal Court. Rose is one of the Guardians on the Queen's Guard. Their friendship is more than likely better than ever but things are a bit different without their Shadow-kissed Spirit bond.

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