"I'm backing down now. I really do love you. That's why I'm doing this."

-Christian Ozera (Last Sacrifice)

Vasilisa Dragomir and Christian Ozera are one of the two major romantic relationships in the Vampire Academy Series.


Vasilisa Dragomir and Christian Ozera


Vampire AcademyEdit

Christian Ozera is introduced after Vasilisa Dragomir and Rosemarie Hathaway have returned to St. Vladimir's Academy. Lissa wanted to be alone shortly after their return so she went to the attic of the school's church, which was her secret hideout before she and Rose ran away. There she ran into Christian Ozera who had begun using the attic as his own hideout sometime after the girls ran away. Christian and Lissa had an instant connection and quickly became friends; Rose was displeased with this friendship because she felt that Christian was dangerous. After Rose was being teased by the royals, Lissa decided to turn into "Princess Lissa" using Complusion on the Moroi royals, Christian began to dislike the way that Lissa was acting and he became jealous that she had begun to date her ex-boyfriend Aaron. Christian and Lissa had a falling out and ceased their meetings. Lissa visited the attic once more after weeks of using Complusion where Christian admitted his deep feelings towards Lissa and kissed her, making her see that she already fallen in love with him but she angrily told him to get out.

After the dance, when Lissa was kidnapped Christian was scared that she had been killed or severely harmed so he got in the trunk of the vehicle that Rose, Dimitri, Alberta and several other Guardians were using on their journey to rescue the Princess. When he and Rose went off to find Lissa, he saw her being cornered by Psi Hounds. Christian managed to use his fire power to protect Lissa from danger but he was attacked and severely injured in the process, Lissa was overcome with fear that she was going to lose him and started crying because her Spirit healing abilities weren't at full strength. She was devistated that Victor had forced her to heal him earlier and was too weak to heal Christian. Rose gallantly offered her blood so the Princess could regain her strength, Lissa was then able to heal Christian from his injuries.

When they returned to school after the rescue mission they visited Rose in her hospital bed telling her that they had begun dating and were extremely happy, but they also didn't care that people were against their relationship.


The romantic relationship between Lissa and Christian has seen that they are still happily together. During a night alone, they sneak into the attic in the chapel. They there have sex for the first time. Also, when they all went skiing, they were shown to be happy and kissing on the slopes. Christian gets jealous when he sees just how much time Lissa starts spending with Adrian. This leads to a lovers quarrel.

Shadow Kiss Edit

Lissa and Christian were going strong, as seen when they hangout together. Christian started feeling jealous when Lissa and Adrian hung out to practice spirit, even though Lissa and Adrian were just friends. This also led to Rose having to break up a fight between them.

When going to Court to testify at Victor's trial, Queen Tatiana, tells Rose to back off of Adrian, as she has planned to ensure a marriage between Adrian and Lissa. During the Strigoi attack, Christian is shown to be nervous about them coming for Lissa.

Blood Promise Edit

Christian and Lissa seem to be on good terms and are happy. Christian often comforts Lissa about Rose. When Lissa starts hanging out with Avery, Christian thinks everything is fine. He soon becomes concerned at the drinking and partying that Avery's convinced her to do. Under Avery's compulsion, Lissa kisses Aaron after he caught her while falling. The kiss lasted longer than it should have.

Jillian Mastrano Dragomir was a younger girl who was being trained by Christian to defend herself. Lissa was very jealous of Jill spending time with Christian. Jill saw the kiss between Lissa and Aaron, therefore, she told Christian. Christian, (not knowing that Lissa was compelled to kiss Aaron), breaks up with Lissa. Devastated, Lissa resorts to drinking and partying with Avery and Adrian. She becomes intensely jealous of Christian spending time with Mia and Jill.

After Lissa defeats Avery with Rose's help, Rose returns to St. Vladimir's Academy. Rose explains Avery's compulsion on Lissa and asks him to forgive her. He tells Rose that he still needs space from Lissa and therefore they remain broken up.

Spirt Bound Edit

Lissa and Christian start off by avoiding each other as much as possible. She still remains jealous of Jill and he remains jealous of Adrian. To everyone around them, they seem to want to be with each other but both are to stubborn to admit it first.

Christian tries to find a way to be around Lissa. This results in them practicing self defense in secret. Serena walks in when they were practicing and fell on top of one another, getting the wrong idea. They both deny the intensity between them. Serena and Grant begin to teach them how to fight and they grow closer again. When they were walking outside of court, Dimitri kidnapped them both as bait. Together they stop everyone from killing Dimitri, by Lissa saving him with a spirit infused stake.

After Rose is arrested for the murder of Queen Tatiana, Lissa ran into Christian. They both apologize and Lissa not letting Christian finish a sentence, kisses him. This signals that they are once again back together.

Last Sacrifice Edit

Lissa and Christian, now back together, are passionate once again. Their sexual desires almost take over until Adrian interrupts them. They work together with Dimitri, Adrian, Abe, and Mikhail to free Rose. Christian and Lissa work continuously on finding Tatiana's true murderer. Christian also helps Lissa prepare for her challenges to run for Queen. Christian refuses to believe that his aunt Tasha murdered the Queen. After Tasha shoots at Lissa and Rose gets hit he is shown to be in a state of disbelief. Lissa gets crowned Queen and Christian and her continue dating.

Quotes Edit

Christian: "I'm a lot of things, but I'm not a liar. That's your department. And Rose's."

Lissa: "We don't-"

Christian: "Exaggerate stories about people's families? Say that you hate me? Pretend to be friends with people you think are stupid? Date a guy you don't like?"

Lissa: "I like him."

Christian: "Like or like?"

Lissa: "Oh, there's a difference?"

Christian: "Yes. Like is when you date a big, blond moron and laugh at his stupid jokes."

-Then, out of nowhere, he leaned forward and kissed her. It was hot and fast and furious, an outpouring of the rage and passion and longing that Christian always kept locked inside of him. Christian pulled back from the kiss but kept his face next to hers.

Christian: "That's what you do with someone you like."

-Christian and Lissa (Vampire Academy)

Christian: "Come on! Don't hold back. "

Lissa: "I'm not!"

Christian: "You are too! I've seen you knock on a door harder than you're hitting me."

Lissa: "That's a ridiculous metaphor. "

Christian: "And you aren't aiming for my face. "

Lissa: "I don't want to leave a mark!"

Christian: "Well, at the rate we're going, there's no danger of that."

-Christian and Lissa (Spirit Bound)

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