Rose and Lissa live with a roommate named Jeremy and his cat Oscar in Portland, Oregon. 

Rose and Lissa live alone with their own cat Oscar in Oregon. Jeremy does appear on a deleted scene however, and is their neighbor as opposed to roommate.
In the book, Rose is biracial with slightly tan skin, dark hair and eyes which give her a look she describes as "semi exotic desert princess." This is supported by the graphic novel adaption In the film, Rose is caucasian.
Rose is severely weakened after feeding Lissa, and tries to beat Dimitri and the other Guardians that attempted to bring them back but quickly fails without much of a fight. Rose is much more formidable in the film than the book, even after feeding Lissa. First, she knocks out two Guardians with a motorcycle bomb, and then defeats several more in hand to hand combat as she and Lissa race to the car, before being confronted by Dimitri. Rose runs at Dimitri and he knocks her unconscious with a special maneuver.
The Guardians bring Rose and Lissa back to the Academy through plane and car. The Guardians bring Rose and Lissa back by car and handcuff Rose to the door. 
The Guardians had no problem getting back to the Academy. Also, In the book, the first time that Rose encounters a Strigoi is at the very end, when a turned Natalie fights her to free Victor.  The Guardians were attacked by several Strigoi after reaching the gate. This is Rose's first time seeing a Strigoi in the film.
Rose gives a very in-depth description of the world of the vampires. The description of the world of vampires is very short and has a small Twilight reference.
When Rose and Lissa were on the run from the Guardians at the Academy, they mostly layed low. In the introduction that Rose gives, it can be inferred that they were very active and that she had an IPhone 5 and a Facebook account.
In the book, Rose and Lissa were fugitives from the Academy for two years In the film, Rose and Lissa were fugitives from the Academy for one year.
Rose receives an email from her mother after her lecture from Kiorva, detailing both her relief and disappointment in Rose. Rose receives the same message from her mother. However, in the film, the message is given to Rose via telegram by Kiorva, which Rose opens much later on in the movie
Ms. Karp told Rose information that she wasn't supposed to know about. Ms. Karp tells Rose that she is shadow-kissed and compels her to forget until it is time for her to remember.
Ms. Karp is red-haired. Ms. Karp is brown-haired.
They do not wear uniforms at the Academy.  They wore uniforms in the film to tell the difference between Moroi and Dhampirs.
Lissa's cuts were purposely inflicted by herself. Lissa's cuts were magically inflicted by accident.
Lissa leaves Oscar the cat behind. Lissa takes Oscar with her back to the Academy, and is seen with her in several scenes. He is later killed by Victor Dashkov. She tries to bring him back but fails and her cuts were then inflicted.
When Lissa overuses spirit, she becomes disoriented and has dark thoughts, feelings, and depression which causes her to cut herself. When Lissa overuses spirit she becomes disoriented and almost always passes out. A side effect of spirit that was added is severe itching.
When a Moroi uses magic, they have a little of every element but the one that is strongest is the one they specialize  in. Although they have a little of everything, all Moroi have only been seen using one element. Lissa specalizes in Spirit but has been seen using Fire,Air and Water in three instances that did not occur in the book.
A Moroi having an element is refered to as, "Specializing in an element". A Moroi having an element is refered to as, "Declaring a magic".
There is a teacher named Ms. Meissner. There is a teacher named Mr. Meissner.
Rose and Lissa are passing notes and getting caught and Christian setting Ralf on fire are two different scenes. Mia is passing notes and gets caught by Mr. Meissner, which he then reads aloud to the entire class. Christian setting Ralf on fire also happened in the same scene.
Rose and Lissa are caught passing notes about Jesse and Mr. Nagy caught them and read it aloud. Mia is caught passing notes about Lissa killing the fox for attention by Mr. Meissner and he reads it aloud.
Rose can feel Lissa's thoughts and emotions but has no physical change when she slips into Lissa's head. Rose can feel Lissa's thoughts and feelings but her eyes change to a starry golden color when she slips into Lissa's head.
Lissa stops using spirit and starts taking antidepressants. Lissa's depression isn't a problem and continues to use spirit.
Lissa keeps her powers a secret until Shadow Kiss. Lissa announces to the whole Academy and Queen Tatiana that she has spirit.
Natalie killed Mr. Nagy and became Strigoi. She then easily defeats Rose, and is then staked by Dimitri Natalie killed Ray/Ralf and became Strigoi. Unlike in the book, Rose is able to gain the upper hand over Natalie, and is about to stake her when Natalie pleads with Rose to let her go. She makes the mistake of hesitating(A warning that Dimitri gave her in both the book and movie about friends who turned Strigoi), allowing Natalie to gain the upper hand over her. When Dimitri takes on Natalie, Rose again interferes, grabbing Natalie and holding her against the bars, giving Dimitri an opening to kill Natalie.
While the Academy is attacked by a large army of Strigoi, this does not occur in the books until  Shadow Kiss. At the end of the film, a large army of Strigoi are seen amassing in a mountain that overlooks the Academy. One Strigoi asks if it's time. Another one answers "Soon."

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