• Punxarox


    April 7, 2012 by Punxarox


    I've been noticing how well organized and in sync everything is here. Like the background goes well with the standards of other Wikis. Like showing the pictures of the characters and books. And everything is perfect. What really bothered me though was the Wiki Logo. I just wanted to option up a new one. Something that goes well with the book logo, and matches. So it just didn't stand out. It was familiar and similar to the Book logo like other Wikis. And I was just fiddling around and trying to make a new one. I just wanted to option it up, just to see if maybe it could perhaps go into use? Here it is.:

    And I was also wondering if my works could be furthered? I'm pretty good with graphic designing things. As you see. It's not your basiā€¦

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