Gabriel Byrne as Victor Dashkov

Well where to begin, first off I only started this blog to say that this is one bit of casting, which I will be forever proud of. Proud presumably because I have always thought that Gabriel would make an excellent vampire. Now, some things I wonder are, how was Gabriel persuaded to take on the role of Victor Dashkov? I suppose something that will go unanswered unless something happens. Hmm...I suppose some other things I wonder are, what drove Gabriel to take on the role of Victor Dashkov. Gabriel is one of the last few Celtic kings around-I only say Celtic King-because he is one of the last few of the older generation who truly appreciates his culture. Gabriel is an actor who is undeniably flawless in everything, even though he is quite self deprecating at times so I have read in interviews. I would not say self deprecating so much as I think Gabriel is humble. Gabriel still has the looks at sixty-three now and I suppose he will always have his good looks. I hope someday, somehow to interview and possibly work with Gabriel Byrne. I guess this blog is to get all feelings or almost all out on the table about Gabriel Byrne. I mean Gabriel is an amazing actor and person. I would do things simply for free just to help Gabriel-I could take care of him. I would gladly run around buy him coffee-help bathe him-if things ever got to that point. I dunno if Gabriel is on any medications-but I would sure as fast as anything run around and pick up medications for Gabriel. That is how much I know in my heart-and indeed soul that I love Gabriel. // Gabriel James Byrne ~ Anam Cara ~// 
VA Victor Dashkov - Light 'em up00:52

VA Victor Dashkov - Light 'em up

Gabriel James Byrne ~ Bullet Through My Heart03:52

Gabriel James Byrne ~ Bullet Through My Heart

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