The Top Vampire Academy Fan SitesEdit

  1. - This New Zealand run fan site stays up to date on the VA news. They also have a great VA Based WebCast.
  2.  - This is an Australian based VA fansite keeping fans up-to-date with all the latest VA and Bloodlines books and movie news, plus discussion and fun features! 
  3. This is the best Vampire Academy fan site for all things Vampire Academy movie and cast.
  4. Official VAMPIRE ACADEMY MOVIE - This is the facebook page ran by the producers of the Vampire Academy movie, Preger Entertainment. 
  5. Vampire Academy Movie - The OFFICIAL facebook movie page ran by the Weinstein Company, which are the US distributors of the movie. 
  6. VA Fans: Comrades&DreamWalkers - Fun Fan Facebook page. 
  7. Bound By Shadows: Frostbite Fan Series - Fan made series based on VA Frostbite. Amazing! 
  8. Fanfiction VA Dimitri POV - VA books from Dimitri's point of view written by fans.