Brief timelineEdit

  • Frostbite begins a "week or so" before Christmas, and Mason is killed late December or early January. (Frostbite)

  • Shadow Kiss begins roughly three weeks after Mason's killed, which puts it in late January/beginning of February, and from there, it's 31 days until Roses birthday, which is the last day of the book. Her birthday should therefor be mid-March. (Shadow Kiss)

  • Blood Promise begins when Rose has been in Russia for a few weeks on her own, which sets the book in April. It ends after she comes back to the US in early may.(Blood Promise)

  • Spirit Bound takes place in late summer, a couple of months after Blood Promise; during the trials. Lissa celebrates her birthday somewhere in the middle of the book, presumably in August. (Spirit Bound)

  • Last Sacrifice is takes place a couple of weeks after Spirit Bound, and ends near the end of summer.
  • Bloodlines begins not long after Last Sacrifice, sometime in late August or early September, and ends a couple of weeks later.
  • The Golden Lily begins a couple of weeks after the events of Bloodlines. Sometime around late October or early November.
  • The Indigo Spell begins in late December just before the Christmas holidays.
  • The Fiery Heart begins a month after the events of The Indigo Spell. Which means it is in mid or late January.

Two years before Vampire Academy beganEdit

  • The Dragomirs and Rose are in a car crash, which kills everyone but Lissa. Lissa resurrects Rose, creating their magical bond. (December 15)
  • Lissa resurrects a freshly dead raven, that Rose, Ms. Karp, and Natalie Dashkov witness. (February 21)
  • Vasilisa, Rose, and Ms. Karp do not know that Natalie has seen the entire scene.
  • Ms. Karp then tells the two girls that they cannot tell anyone about the resurrection. Ms. Karp also says that Vasilisa cannot do it again.
  • Ms. Karp tells Rose that she is Shadow-kissed and that she must take care of Lissa.
  • Ms. Karp tells Rose that she and Lissa have a bond and should leave the Academy because there being watched .
  • Ms. Karp uses compulsion on Rose to make sure the two girls leave the Academy.
  • Ms. Karp is taken away by guardians for being crazy.
  • When Greg Dashkov has a party, Wade doesn't leave a feeder alone and Lissa gets extremely angry. (March 17)
  • Lissa uses compulsion on him to stop, but she is too angry to stop the compulsion there. She then orders him to destroy his room. Rose takes the blame and is about to be punished.
  • Two days later Rose learns that Ms. Karp turned Strigoi. Rose and Lissa break out of the Academy. (March 19)


First day back at the AcademyEdit

A few days later: Sunday. Early OctoberEdit

Three weeks after Rose's return to the Academy. October eveningEdit

  • Dimitri tells Rose her best chance with a Strigoi is to run. He also compliments her progress for the first time.
  • Lissa finds a dead fox on her bed
  • Christian sets Ralf on fire because he bothers Lissa
  • Rose for the first time snaps into Lissa's mind on purpose to spy on her and Christian
  • Rose and Jesse meet secretly in an unused lounge. She tells him about Mia's parents. They make out. Jesse figures out that Rose fed Lissa.
    • Dimitri finds them and for the first time notices Rose's body. He chastises her for endangering her reputation and Rose agrees to add more trainings. (Vampire Academy)

Next dayEdit

  • Mr. Nagy reads out Rose's and Lissa's letter conversation about Jesse. Rose realizes Jesse is not as hot as she used to think.
  • People start talking about Mia's family
  • Mason looks St. Vladimir up for Rose and she realizes that he is in love with her (Vampire Academy)


November 1, All Saints DayEdit

  • Rose and Lissa have been back almost a month
  • Rose realizes she's crushing on her older mentor, Dimitri. He's also looking at her admiringly since the night at the lounge
  • A royal group is visiting, including Queen Tatiana. Tatiana embarrasses Lissa in front of everyone.
  • Rose is angry and lies to Christian. She claims that Lissa doesn't like him and orders him to leave her alone.
  • Lissa finds a dead rabbit on the floor and a threatening note. She cuts herself. Rose and Dimitri check on her. (Vampire Academy)

November 2Edit

  • Jesse and Ralf have claimed they had sex with Rose and that she let them drink her blood. People stare at her and laugh. All respect for her is gone. Rose cries for the first time in years.
  • Dimitri lets Rose secretly talk to Lissa. Lissa tells her the rumors are Mia's fault and promises that she will start protecting Rose. She wants to use compulsion. (Vampire Academy)

Next daysEdit

  • Lissa starts convincing people
  • Rose goes back into Lissa's head to look when she's using compulsion
  • Christian tells Lissa he knows about her using compulsion on people. They are mad at each other. (Vampire Academy)

Next dayEdit

  • The practices with Dimitri are now Rose's favorite part of the day, partly because of her crush on him
  • Rose hurts her hands while training, Dimitri is concerned about her.
  • Rose talks about female guardians and how they all lose their good looks. Dimitri says it wouldn't happen to her.
  • Rose and Dimitri talk about her mom and that she doesn't like her. He tells her she shouldn't be too hard on her.
  • Rose talks bad about blood whores and Dimitri tells her that he was raised in a dhampir commune and that they aren't that bad. Dimitri talks about his family and his father.
  • Dimitri tells Rose that he knows that the rumors about her are not true. He also tells her he knows she's going to be a great guardian
  • Rose tells him she doesn't want to cut her hair. He touches her hair and tells her she shouldn't cut it but wear it up (Vampire Academy)

Next couple of days / a month and a half after their returnEdit

  • Rose continues her spying on Lissa
  • Lissa reintegrates herself into the royal power players and gets popular again (Vampire Academy)


  • Church
  • Rose realizes that St. Vladimir could heal like Ms. Karp and Lissa
  • Anthony and Miles harass Rose. Mason comes to her rescue. Rose realizes she cannot return Masons feelings because of her crush on Dimitri.
  • Rose asks Mason to get St. Vladimir's book from Christian and tell him that she lied (Vampire Academy)

The next day (Monday)Edit

  • Mason brings the books. Rose reads again about St. Vladimir and shadow-kissed Anna. She reads that he got more and more messed up and that Anna helped him.
  • Lissa's party. Rose doesn't want to drink because she wants to guard Lissa. (Vampire Academy)

The next day (Tuesday)Edit

  • Rose notices a real change since the rumors, people are friendly again.
  • Lissa and Aaron are together again
  • Rose asks Ms. Carmack about magic. She learns that it's unknown in which element Vladimir specialized in and that Ms. Karp never specialized. She also learns that no one could handle specializing in more than one element, that he would lose his mind.
  • Rose asks Lissa to stop her pretense and go back to normal. Rose tells Lissa about Vladimir's and Ms. Karp's abilities. They agree that Lissa doesn't use her magic anymore but still stays with the royals.
  • Rose is starting to think that she made a big mistake about Christian. She tells him she wants him to hang out with Lissa again and that she lied to him. He tells her he cannot hang out woth Lissa now that she's "Princess Lissa" again. He advices her to get help from someone she trusts, like Kirova or Dimitri. (Vampire Academy)

A few days laterEdit

  • Victor's taking Natalie off campus to go shopping
  • Victor and Dimitri are trying to convince Kirova to let Rose come with them
  • Lissa finds a dead dove in her backpack (Vampire Academy)

Next dayEdit

  • Rose is allowed to come with Lissa on the shopping trip as a training exercise
  • Dimitri tells Rose that if he became Strigoi he'd want someone to kill him
  • During the drive back Rose sleeps and rests her head against Dimitri's shoulder
  • Natalie rots a bench and Rose hurts her foot. She blacks out and Dimitri carries her to the clinic
  • Dimitri visits Rose in the clinic
  • Victor sends her the necklace
  • Dimitri gives her lip gloss. Rose hugs him. Dimitri carefully touches her face.
  • Rose notices she has no injuries. She realizes that Lissa saved her after the accident and also healed her after the bench incident
  • Lissa is crying in the chapel's attic. Christian comes to see her. Lissa realizes that Rose made Christian stop talking to her. Christian tells Lissa why Mia wanted to get back at Lissa. Christian kisses Lissa. She responds but throws him out.
  • Lissa starts cutting and loses too much blood
  • Rose sees how much Dimitri worries and cares about her. She tells Dimitri about Lissa being in danger and he gets Alberta
  • Lissa is brought into the clinic. Rose tells her she has to tell them about her healing because it's killing her. Lissa gets angry and tells her to get out. (Vampire Academy)

Next dayEdit

  • Lissa stops speaking to Rose and other people follow her lead
  • Mia tries to get Rose on her side (Vampire Academy)

Day of the danceEdit

  • Jesse and Ralf tell Rose they told lies about her because Mia slept with them
  • Mia confronts Lissa about cutting and Rose breaks Mia's nose. Rose is taken away and tells Christian to go after Lissa
  • Victor's guardians attack Christian and kidnap Lissa
  • Rose is under compulsion and goes to Dimitri. They kiss and nearly sleep together. Dimitri throws the necklace out of the window and the spell breaks.
  • Victor tells Lissa about spirit and that he wants her to heal him. When she refuses he tortures her.
  • Lissa is rescued. (Vampire Academy)

Next daysEdit

  • Victor is hold prisoner at Academy until royal regiment of guardians bring him to Moroi prison
  • Rose and Lissa are friends again
  • Lissa and Christian back together (Vampire Academy)

Four days after the dance and Lissa's kidnappingEdit

  • Rose meets Dimitri again. He wants her to report what happened and thinks he took advantage of her. Dimitri lies to her that he wasn't interested in her and it was only because of the spell. (Vampire Academy)

Next day, 2 days after Rose is discharged from the hospitalEdit

  • Rose visits Victor and asks him to break the spell. He tells her the feelings were already there and that Dimitri lied. Victor tells her she is shadow-kissed and explains the meaning to her.
  • Natalie kills Mr. Nagy and turns Strigoi in order to break out her father. She attacks Rose.
  • Dimitri kills Natalie with a stake
  • Dimitri carries the fainting Rose to the building. He admits that he wants her but that they cannot be together.
  • The doctors prescribe Lissa antidepressants (Vampire Academy)


A week or so away from ChristmasEdit

  • Lissa thinks her pills aren't working as well anymore.
  • Rose is supposed to take her Qualifier. She and Dimitri discover the bodies of Schoenberg and the Badicas. They also discover that humans help Strigoi.
  • It's only "a week or so away from Christmas".
  • Rose, Lissa and Christian talk about the massacre. (Frostbite)

The next dayEdit

  • Announcement of the ski trip.
  • Janine Hathaway arrives with other guardians and charges. Guardians share their real-life experiences with novices and Rose has a fight with her mom.
  • In practice Rose is allowed to hold the silver stake and fight with it.
  • Rose tells Dimitri that she has the feeling her mother did everything she did only for the marks.
  • Rose meets Tasha Ozera.
  • Dimitri accompanies Tasha on a shopping trip. (Frostbite)

The next dayEdit

  • Rose has to practice with Janine because Dimitri needs to sleep. They have a fight and Janine gives Rose a black eye.
  • Lissa wants to know how Rose feels about Mason. She tells her she should start dating again.
  • Lissa meets with Christian in the attic of the chapel and they have sex for the first time. (Frostbite)

The next dayEdit

  • Rose tells Dimitri she hates her mom. When he tells her to make peace with her she gets angry.
  • Rose tells Dimitri he doesn't care about her.
  • Rose notices Dimitri is always fighting for control. She kisses him to prove she can. She tells him he isn't good at teaching her control he angrily leaves. (Frostbite)

December 25, ChristmasEdit

  • Christmas brunch with Tasha, Dimitri, Rose, Mason, Lissa, Christian.
  • Lissa gives Rose a chotki.
  • Janine gives Rose a nazar. She tells her that Tasha asked Dimitri to be her guardian and that she is willing to have dhampir children. Janine tells her that Dimitri will agree because it's a great opportunity. Rose is shocked and depressed about the news. (Frostbite)

December 26Edit

  • They leave for the ski trip.
  • Rose, Lissa, Christian and Mason spent almost all of the first day skiing.
  • Rose and Mason have their competition. Mason gets hurt.
  • Rose meets Adrian Ivashkov. (Frostbite)

December 27Edit

  • Tasha and Christian are practicing offensive magic.
  • Rose is mean to Natasha.
  • Christian and Mason tell Rose that Adrian has a bad reputation and goes through a lot of girls.
  • Rose and Mason go skiing.
  • snowball fight
  • Rose kisses Mason
  • Adrian visits Rose in her dream (Frostbite)

December 28Edit

  • There's been another Strigoi attacks. The Drozdov's and Mia's mom died.
  • Meeting. Tasha suggest that the Moroi and guardians fight the Strigoi before they come. She also suggests to use offensive magic.
  • Rose and Dimitri have a fight over Tasha and Dimitri makes a remark about Rose's age
  • Angry at Dimitri, Rose follows Adrian because Dimitri is disapproving of him.
  • Adrian invites Rose and Lissa to go swimming. Rose invites the others as well.
  • Mason says that he wants to fight Strigoi. Mia is interested in offensive magic.
  • People are fighting over the discussion. Some are on Tasha's side, some not
  • Adrian asks Rose about Lissa. He wants to talk to her.
  • Adrian meets Lissa and tells her that they should talk someday and she agrees
  • Mia asks Rose about offensive magic. Mia tells Rose she is an idiot for not realizing what a great guy Mason is
  • Rose and Mason kiss. It doesn't feel like it had with Dimitri. (Frostbite)

December 29Edit

  • Adrian sends Rose perfume Rose returns the perfume because she can't accept is. She is surprised to find Lissa with Adrian.
  • Dimitri appears and tells them that they are not supposed to be in Adrian's room
  • Dimitri talks to Rose. He wants to know if she hangs out with Adrian a lot. He also tells her that they managed to track some of the Strigoi. He apologizes for the things he said about her age.
  • Tasha appears and Rose leaves angrily. Rose tells Mason about the Strigoi. He wants to take on Strigoi but Rose doesn't want to.
  • Rose and Mason are making out, but Rose thinks of DImitri and wants to stop. They have a fight because she always wants one thing and suddenly goes in another direction.
  • Lissa and Christian have a fight because she was with Adrian
  • Lissa cons Rose into going with her to a royal banquet
  • People on the banquet are arguing about Moroi fighting or not
  • Lissa supposes that Moroi that want to fight should go to the Academy and learn
  • Rose is talking to Adrian when her mother arrives and drags her out of the room. She is afraid of Rose's reputation and that she could do something stupid.
  • Rose talks to Dimitri. Rose notices that they aren't (verbally) fighting and is glad about it. She tells him he should take Tasha's offer because it's a great chance. She doesn't want to fight anymore and wants Dimitri to be happy.
  • Rose leaves Dimitri to tell Mason there will never be anything between them
  • Rose notices Mason is gone. Mason, Eddie and Mia are gone to Spokane to fight Strigoi. Rose and Christian follow them.
  • Rose, Christian, Mason, Eddie and Mia are captured. They meet Isaiah and Elena. Isaiah says that the Moroi who first kills one of the dhampirs will be released and awakened. The other will die. Isaiah drinks from Eddie. (Frostbite)

December 30Edit

  • Adrian visits Rose in a dream. He asks her where she is but she wakes up.(Frostbite)


Early JanuaryEdit

  • Lissa and Adrian talk about auras and spirit. Rose realizes he is a spirit user, too.
  • Rose, Mason, Christian, Mia, and Eddie escape, but Mason gets killed. Rose kills her first Strigoi, Isaiah and Elena. Mia and Rose start becoming friends.

Fourth day back at the AcademyEdit

  • Janine tells Rose it's time to receive her marks (Frostbite)

Day of Rose's molnija ceremonyEdit

  • Rose gets her first two molnija marks for killing two Strigoi
  • Janine is leaving. She tells Rose she did well considering the circumstances. Rose admits that killing Strigoi isn't as glamorous as she thought. Rose asks her mother about the nazar. Janine tells her it was a gift she received a long tme ago.
  • Lissa tells Rose that Adrian is staying for a while to work with Lissa ans Ms. Carmack.
  • Rose and Dimitri talk. She says that she blames herself for Mason's death. Dimitri tells Rose that he declined Tasha's offer because he doesn't return her feelings.
  • Rose tells Dimitri they aren't Lissa's guardians yet and he kisses her. (Frostbite)


3 weeks later, TuesdayEdit

  • Mason died almost three weeks ago
  • 31 days til Rose's birthday
  • next day: beginning of six weeks field experience
  • Victor's trial: next week
  • Rose learns that Dimitri is going to Victor's trial and that she and Lissa are not allowed to go
  • Rose for the first time sees Mason's ghost (Shadow Kiss)

The next day, WednesdayEdit

  • Start of the field experience. Rose is assigned to Christian
  • Lissa has gotten permission to stop her meds
  • Brandon Lazar has bruises and red splotches on his face
  • When Stan "attacks", Rose sees Mason's ghost and leaves the Moroi unprotected. Rose gets in trouble because everybody thinks she did it on purpose. She's facing removal from the field experience but Dimitri can prevent it. She is on probation and has to spend her next day off doing community service
  • Ryan taunts Rose over what happened with Stan and Christian and thenimplies Mason's death was her fault. She attacks his assigned Moroi, Camille, to show him that danger can come from anywhere. Adrian uses compulsion on Rose to let Camille go
  • Rose lies to Lissa about what happened with Stan because she doesn't want to tell her about Mason's ghost
  • Rose tells the others about Victor's trial and that there's a chance he might not be found guilty and that they aren't allowed to go (Shadow Kiss)

3 days later, SaturdayEdit

  • Stan "attacks" Lissa and is angry when Rose jumps in because she was supposed to guard Christian. He thinks she only did it to redeem herself
  • Lissa's healing powers are back.
  • Adrian wants Lissa to show him how to heal. He hurts himself and she heals him. Rose's mood drops
  • Rose sees Mason's ghost again
  • Christian is jealous of Adrian because Lissa spends so much time with him
  • Jesse tells Christian that they formed a group and want him to join them
  • start of the weekend (Shadow Kiss)

The next day, SundayEdit

  • Rose's community service, Dimitri shows up to help her.
  • Rose asks Father Andrew about ghosts. He tells her that it's believed that souls can stay on earth for 3 to 40 days after death.
  • Rose meets Jill. She tells her about people getting beat up which reminds Rose of Brandon.
  • Rose and Dimitri argue about the trial. She thinks he didn't do enough. (Shadow Kiss)

The next day, MondayEdit

  • Alice tells Rose that wards fade and guardians die
  • Lissa tells Rose that they are going to Victor's trial and have to pack their things
  • Rose apologizes to Dimitri and thanks him for letting them go to the trial. He tells her that he had nothing to do with it.
  • Rose has a bad headache and sees shadows. Lissa is trying to help her with her magic but it doesn't work.
  • They arrive at the Court
  • Tatiana wants to see Lissa. They talk about spirit. The queen realizes that Lissa is in favor of Moroi fighting with the guardians.
  • Rose meets Mia at the Court. Rose hasn't seen Mia in almost a month, ever since Mason's funeral.
  • Rose thinks about how out of control she'd felt lately and that her feelings sometimes didn't seem like her own
  • The group learns that Adrian convinced the queen to let Rose and Lissa go to the trial
  • Christian and Lissa have a fight over Adrian
  • Rose notices that Adrian is not as bad as she always says
  • Rose receives a note from Victor in which he threatens to tell about Rose and Dimitri
  • Dimitri apologizes for not being able to get them to court. Rose apologizes for acting like a brat
  • Dimitri and Rose visit Victor in his cell. Victor taunts them. Rose asks him about the world of the dead. They talk about Lissa. Dimitri threatens Victor and tells Rose he'd do a lot of things to protect her. (Shadow Kiss)

The next day, TuesdayEdit

  • Victor's trial. He is found guilty.
  • The queen wants to meet with Lissa again. Tatiana tells Lissa she wants her to live at the Court after graduation and attend college.
  • The queen tells Rose to stay away from Adrian and threatens Rose with getting another guardian for Lissa.
  • Tatiana mentions Rose's mother and Ibrahim, Rose doesn't know what she's talking about.
  • Tatiana explains that she wants Adrian to marry Lissa. She says Lissa cannot associate with someone like Christian because of his parents.
  • Rose and Lissa go to a spa
  • Rose and Lissa visit the psychic Rhonda.
  • Rhonda tells Dimitri that he will lose what he values most.
  • Flight back, Rose has a headache again and sees black shapes. Rose sees ghosts. (Shadow Kiss)

After the air flightEdit

  • Rose wakes up at the school's infirmary.
  • Alberta and Dimitri ask Rose what happened. She tells them she saw ghosts. Dr. Olendzki says Rose should have counseling.
  • Rose tells Dimitri that Victor mentiond that she had a connection to the world of the dead because she is shadow-kissed.
  • Abby Badica mentions the Mână to Rose.
  • Rose tells Lissa, Christian, Eddie and Adrian what happened on the plane.
  • Lissa and Adrian practice magic.
  • Adrian tells Rose that the darkness in Lissa's aura went away and into Rose's.
  • Father Andrew tells Rose that Anna committed suicide.
  • Rose sees Mason again. She asks him if he is looking for revenge and he shakes his head. (Shadow Kiss)

The Next dayEdit

  • Rose has her first counseling.
  • Adrian tells Rose that the Mână is a secret society.
  • Alice tells Rose that if she's seen ghosts then they are not save anymore.
  • Rose realizes that she saw no ghosts at the Court because they had strong wards.
  • Rose asks Dimitri about the wards. He tells they would take months to wear down and cannot be weak because they are laid every two weaks.
  • Yuri tells Dimitri that the new wards were put down a few days ago. (Shadow Kiss)

The next weekEdit

  • Repetitive pattern for Rose: she follows Christian for three days a week, has her counceling and trains with Dimitri.
  • Jesse and Ralf invite Lissa. They reveal that they know something about Christian and say that they will tell her more if she comes to a meeting. Lissa says she was not interested.
  • Rose cleans Dimitri's cheek wound after he's injured during field experience. (Flashback is in Chapter six of Blood Promise)(Shadow Kiss)


  • Rose's next counseling
  • Rose is annoyed because Deirdre acts as if Rose had any choices in what she's doing.
  • In her field training Rose fights against Jean, Yuri and Dimitri and is successful.
  • Christian and Adrian have a fight.
  • Jesse and Ralf's group is holding Lissa. The group attack her in order to find out how strong she is in compulsion. Rose saves her. Lissa uses spirit on Jesse and can't stop it.
  • Rose gets Lissa's darkness and wants to attack Jesse. Dimitri leads her into the forest. They go into a cabin. Rose tells Dimitri that the same thing that happened to Anna is happening to her.
  • Rose and Dimitri make love. They proclaim their love for each other.
  • The Strigoi attack.
  • Some Moroi and guardians are dead; others are taken away.
  • Rose tells her mother that they have to go after them.
  • Rose convinces her mother that some of the Moroi should fight and Janine convinces the other guardians.
  • The guardians and Moroi go to the Strigoi.
  • Dimitri is bitten by a Strigoi. Rose wants to go after him but her mother tells her that Dimitri is dead.
  • The group returns to the school.
  • Rose asks Lissa to bring Dimitri back. Lissa tells her she won't. Rose is angry at her because she would do anything for Lissa.
  • The guardians check the caves. They bring back those who had been killed. Dimitri's body is not with them.
  • Rose asks Mason if Dimitri is a Strigoi and he confirms it. (Shadow Kiss)

Sometime after the battleEdit

Nearly a week after the battle Edit

  • Rose asks Adrian for money because she wants to leave the Academy. (Shadow Kiss)

The next day* Rose's 18th birthday: March 21 (according to Richelle in VA 10th Anniversary edition). (Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise)

  • Rose leaves the Academy.
  • Lissa realizes that Rose loved Dimitri.
  • Rose tells Lissa that she has to kill Dimitri because he doesn't want to be a Strigoi.
  • Rose and Lissa fight. Rose tells her that for once she wants to come first and do what she wants.
  • Mason died more than forty days ago. (Shadow Kiss)


Early or mid-AprilEdit

The day afterEdit

  • Rose and Sydney go by train from St. Petersburg to Moscow
  • They go by train from Moscow to Siberia at night

Three days laterEdit

  • They arrive in Omsk.
  • Syndey buys the "Red Hurricane" and they drive to a little village a couple of hours from Baia.

The morning afterEdit

A few days afterEdit

  • Rose meets Abe Mazur.
  • Rose tells the Belikovs about Dimitri.

The day afterEdit


  • Rose goes to church with the Belikov's.
  • Viktoria meets with Rolan, Abe makes sure Rolan never hits on Viktoria again.
  • Rose meets with Denis and the other unpromised dhampirs (Lev and Arthur).

The morning afterEdit

  • The four of them pack their belongings and takes turns driving to Novosibirsk.

Two days laterEdit

  • They arrive in Novosibirsk and meet with Tamara.

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