Telekinesis is the ability to move objects or people with the mind alone. Only Spirit users have this ability, this has been demostrated by Robert Doru and Adrian Ivashkov on two seperate occasions.

Robert Doru used Telekinesis against Sonya Karp when he attempted to compel her at her house that she stayed in when she was Strigoi, in Last Sacrifice.

Adrian Ivashkov used this ability against Alicia at Palm Springs when Alicia was attacking both him and Sydney Sage. Unlike Sonya he used his hands to in flick to turn off all the lights inside the house and shut all of the windows not allowing any light in the house. Only months later, Adrian has been seen to use this ability quite a lot, as used this ability against Wesley at a party, and again to throw Alchemists around and even catch Sydney in air and hold her in the air.

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