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Eye Colour
  • Red Ringed around pupils (books)
  • Red (movie)
Skin Colour
Deathly pale
Related Species
  • Supernatural healing factor
  • Superior senses
  • Immortal
  • Supernatural Stamina
  • Superior Survavibility
  • Oxygen Independence
  • Superior Durability and Agility
  • Superior Strength
  • Superior Speed
  • Blood comsumption
  • Vampirization
  • Heightened compulsion
  • Supernatural Beauty


Religious symbols
Silver Stake

Strigoi are vampires that distinguish from moroi in many ways. They are undead, immortal, and are made as opposed to born.


Strigoi army

Large group of Strigoi.

Humans, Dhampirs and Moroi can be turned forcibly into Strigoi. There is one way to forcibly make a Strigoi: If a Strigoi drinks blood from his or her victim and then forces that person to drink Strigoi blood then he or she becomes a Strigoi. The way to willingly become Strigoi is by choice, but only a choice to the Moroi. If a Moroi purposefully kills another person while feeding then that Moroi turns Strigoi, loses his or her magical ability, can no longer go into the sunlight, and cannot walk upon holy grounds.


Strigoi are stronger than dhampirs and Moroi and incredibly fast. A Strigoi's strength and immortality stemming from their diet of Moroi blood; It is Moroi blood that makes them so powerful. Newly changed Strigoi can still pose as threat with their great strength. Strigoi are strong and fast enough to swiftly snap the necks others if their victims don't take notice of them. Most of the younger novices are too inexperienced and often make mistakes, involving them underestimating Strigoi. Mason's death was an example. Trying to save Rose's life, he rushes in and the Strigoi easily stops him, snapping his neck right after. Mostly exceedingly well trained novices and guardians are the ones that can hope to match or even defeat a Strigoi. The senses they have are very acute, much more accurate than those of a Dhampirs or a Morois, making it very difficult for even the most experienced of guardians to sneak up on them. The bite of a Strigoi gives the victim an even greater high then that of a Moroi because of the endorphins in their bite being different and more potent. A Strigoi's movements are noticeably graceful.

When a Strigoi is first made, they are awkward with their new levels of strength and speed but as time goes by, they become accustomed to their enhanced abilities and become even more deadly.


  • Supernatural Healing Factor -
  • Immortality - Strigoi are unable to be killed except by staking them in the heart with a silver stake, set on fire, or decapitated. 
  • Superior Senses: They can see, taste, touch, and hear better than moroi and dhampirs
  • Night vision -
  • Darkness Adaptation - Strigoi don't walk on day, sunlight kills them.
  • Superior Strength and Condition -
  • Superior Survavibility -
  • Oxygen Independence -
  • Superior Intelligence -
  • Superior Memory -
  • Superior Endurance -
  • Superior Speed -
  • Enhanced Bite -
  • Sharp Teeth -
  • Vampirization -
  • Heightened compulsion -
  • Enhanced Combat -
  • Supernatural Self-Preservation -
  • Supernatural Beauty - Human or dhampir after the transformation is becoming extremely beautiful. Strigoi is deathly pale and he/she has snow-white teeth. Him/her skin is astonishingly smooth and perfect. For example Natalie as a Strigoi was breathtakingly comely with hypnotizing eyes and red lips.


  • Sunlight - Strigoi burn when they are in direct sunlight. In movie adaptation Rosemarie has flashlight with UV light which causes pain of eyes.
  • Religious symbols - Strigoi hates religion, holy water, saint cross and churches. They can't go to church and blest earth.
  • Silver Stake - the weapon damages Strigoi's heart and kills his/her. Silver stake which has spirit magic can transform Strigoi for original form.


A Strigoi's thirst for blood is stronger then a Moroi's is for human blood, but can be satiated with human, Dhampir or Moroi blood. Moroi blood however is what they truly crave and desire the most since it is Moroi blood that gives them so much power.


There are only four ways a Strigoi can die:

  • Sunlight
  • A Silver stake through the heart
  • Decapitation
  • Setting the Strigoi ablaze with deadly fire

Saving a StrigoiEdit

There is only one known way to save a Strigoi from their evil, unnatural state. A Silver stake must be charmed with Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Then, a spirit user must charm the stake with Spirit. Being the only Moroi that can "create life" with their magic, the Moroi who charmed the stake with spirit must stake the Strigoi right through that heart, just as a normal staking. But, instead of death, there is life reborn.

Known StrigoiEdit

Dead StrigoiEdit

Killed By: Dimitri BelikovEdit

  • Six Strigoi
  • Natalie Dashkov†
  • Nathan†
  • Donovan †

Killed By: Rosemarie HathawayEdit

Killed By UnknownEdit

Killed By Eddie CastileEdit

  • Jacqueline †
  • Dawn †

Saved StrigoiEdit

Saved By Vasilisa DragomirEdit

Saved By Robert DoruEdit

"Alive" StrigoiEdit

Saved by Nina SinclairEdit

  • Olive Sinclair

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