A spirit dream is the ability to communicate or simply appear in someone else's dreams at will. This ability is only preformed by spirit users. The person who is the target of a spirit dream must be asleep in order for their dreams to be penetrated by the spirit user. It is possible to have 2 non-spirit people in a dream. Also, with intense focus, the person can leave the dream.

Adrian Ivashkov Spirit DreamsEdit

Adrian has, on several occasions, penetrated the dreams of Rose Hathaway, Vasilisa Dragomir and Sydney Sage. Adrian is seen to be highly powerful and skilled when using Spirit Dreams, he was able to use even when slightly drunk in The Indigo Spell with Sydney.

Rose HathawayEdit

Adrian first dream walks in Rose's dreams in Frostbite. Rose is completely convinced she's just dreaming of Adrian, but she learns later on she is not. In Blood Promise, while Rose is away from St. Vladimir's Academy, Adrian sometimes appears in her dreams to talk to her about life in the Academy. While Rose and Adrian are dating in Spirit Bound and Last Sacrifice, their shared dream get a little heated at times.

Vasilisa DragomirEdit

When Rose learns that Adrian is dream walking in Lissa's dreams in Frostbite, she reprimands him, telling Adrian to leave her alone and that she won't appreciate any of his sexual advances. But Adrian assures her that the dreams are merely insturctional, an attempt to help Lissa understand the spirit magic behind the dreams.

Sydney Sage Edit

Adrian first has a Spirit Dream with Achlemist Sydney Sage during Bloodlines, where she freaked out and screamed for Adrian to leave the dream. The Spirit Dreams seem to pick up extremely during The Indigo Spell, where Adrian was preventing Alicia to locate Sydney through her dreams. Eventually they become the safe area for Sydney to enter and eventually one Spirit Dream, the two nearly make love but this was prevented by Adrian who didn't want to have sex with Sydney in a Dream but instead in reality.

The Spirit Dreams continue into The Fiery Heart.

Robert Doru Spirit DreamsEdit

In Last Sacrifice, Robert shows extremely powerful ability in performing spirit dreams. He penetrates Rose's dream and also brings his brother, Victor Dashkov with him.

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