Robert Doru is the illegitimate son of Trenton Dashkov and the half-brother of Victor Dashkov. Robert is known to be a spirit user, which is how Victor seems to know so much about spirit. Rose heard that Robert claims he once restored a Strigoi back to life which is Lee Donahue . In the end of Blood Promise Rose plans to find him in hopes that she can restore Dimitri back to the way he was.

Rose, Lissa and Eddie help Victor escape from prison and request him to arrange a meeting with Robert. Robert mentions that he has never forgotten Alden, the dhampir he was bonded to. He tells Rose that she cannot imagine what is was like to lose him. Rose asks him if it is true that he freed a Strigoi and he confirms it, saying it was a woman he freed. Robert explains that only spirit-users can save Strigoi and that they need a stake that is charmed with spirit. He also explains that a brought back Strigoi will not be bonded to the spirit-user because their souls have not moved on but linger. Robert wants to show Lissa how to charm a stake but the group is attacked by Strigoi and Victor and Robert escape.

Appearances Edit

Last Sacrifice Edit

Robert and his brother, Victor, team up. While they are together, Victor often uses his spirit dreams to communicate with Rose, causing Robert to become more unhinged from reality. Robert also saves Sonya Karp from her Strigoi state. However, when Robert uses compulsion on her, Sonya becomes enraged and they fight it out using spirit.

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