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Priscilla Voda
Biographical Information
Title: Princess
Status: Dead
Species: Moroi
Guardian: James Wilket
Relatives: Alexander Voda
Wade Voda
Physical Description
Gender: Female

Priscilla Voda belongs to one of the twelve royal families and is Queen Tatiana's best friend and adviser. The title "Princess" indicates that she is the eldest in her family. She is related to Ralf, and it's likely he learned about the Queen's plans to marry off Lissa and Adrian from Priscilla.

Priscilla died in a horrific Strigoi attack. It was Vasilisa's eighteenth birthday, and they had gone out for dinner. Almost everyone that accompanied them was brutally killed, except for Christian, Lissa's boyfriend, Lissa, and Lissa's guard Serena, although Serena was gravely injured.

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