Olena Belikova is a dhampir who currently lives in Baia, Siberia, Russia. She had a relationship with a royal Moroi named Randall Ivashkov, with whom she has four children, Karolina, Dimitri, Sonja and Viktoria. Randall beats Olena until Dimitri, at the age of thirteen, finally had enough and beats his father. Her mother is Yeva Belikova. She has three grandchildren, Karolina's children, Paul and Zoya, and Sonja's newborn girl, Katya.

In Blood Promise, Rose Hathaway is brought to the Belikov home because of Olena's medical training and Yeva claims she dreamed of Rose's arrival. Shortly after her recovery, Rose breaks the news of Dimitri becoming a Strigoi to his family, and they are shocked and devastated. However, they are quick to plan his memorial service, to which all the dhampirs in town attend. Olena comforts Rose over the death of Dimitri and treats Rose as her own daughter.

In Homecoming, Olena is thrilled at the sight of her son and his family throws him a party in honour of his arrival. After Yeva's prophecy about Rose and Dimitri's upcoming wedding, Olena is very pleased, and says how exciting it will be to see her son "finally settle down."

Olena Belikova and Janine Hathaway are seen as polar opposites.

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