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"I want to be happy;I don't want to work in a company that doesn't care about me, to make money to live in a place that's too expensive, where nobody knows me, to buy shit that I don't need. I want to do something substantial."

—-Nic Wheeler

Nic Wheeler (Born Nicholas Mason Wheeler) is an American born actor living in Victoria, Australia. Born December 30, 1982, he grew up in Minnesota and traveled around some time before moving to Australia for love and adventure. Nic is an international Artist having studied in America, Nic has now made Australia his home. Working on a variety of film projects both here and abroad, Nic has been featured in Both national and international commercial campaigns. Nic's presence is a valued contribution to any set. With a character as dynamic as his many skill sets he shines. Able to Take direction well, Nic is known for being personable as well as flexible.

Vampire Academy/BloodlinesEdit

When I first met Nic, he was just hanging out in the studio, and I saw him and he had a leather jacket on, his motorbike helmet under his arm, and I just 'he must be Adrian, because if he's not, we need to do a recast.

—-Daisy Masterman(Sydney Sage actress) on meeting Nic Wheeler

After getting a call from his agent, he went in to audition for Adrian Ivashkov when they were casting for a new Adrian prior to shooting the Indigo Spell Trailers and The Golden Lily fanpicked scenes. He originally was meant to go up against 3 other actors but after a cheeky remark before leaving the audition, the team decided he was perfect for the role. He has shot the Kiss Scene, Blackout Scene and various things for the up-and-coming Indigo Spell trailers, along side co-star Daisy Masterman. He will be reprising his role in The Fiery Heart  trailers coming soon. 

"I did see it, and it was a lot of fun. A movie seems so far off (there are no plans to make one until a studio agrees to) that I can't even imagine a cast. I think Nic does a great job, though"

—Richelle Mead


  • Nic Wheeler and Daisy Masterman on-set of the Indigo Spell trailers
  • Becoming Adrian



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