It comes from an old superstition in the Middle East.... Some people believe that those who want to hurt you can curse you or give you 'the evil eye.' The nazar is meant to counteract the evil eye... and just bring protection in general to those who wear it.

Janine Hathaway, Frostbite, page 316-317


A Turkish Nazar

A nazar or evil eye stone (Turkish: nazar boncuğu ) or Mati (Greek μάτι) meaning eye is an amulet that is meant to protect against the evil eye.

It is usually seen in the form of a flattened bead or hanging ornament, made by hand from coloured glass usually blue to symbolize heaven or godliness, and used as a necklace, or attached to bracelets or anklets. Typically it is composed of concentric circles or droplet shapes – from inside out: dark blue (or black), white, light blue (or yellow), and dark blue – and is sometimes referred to as blue eye. As well as being worn by people, including babies, it can be seen on cars, doors, horses and even cell phones.

Rosemarie Hathaway's NazarEdit

In Frostbite, Rose receives a Christmas present from her mother, Janine Hathaway. The present is a nazar. Which Rose finds intriguing.
In Spirit Dreams with Adrian Ivashkov, Rose subconsciously wears her nazar in these shared dreams. Adrian calls it her "protection."
At the end of Frostbite, Janine explains to Rose what a nazar is and also hints that it was a gift to her from her father, Ibrahim Mazur.

I also knew why she'd given the nazar to me. My father had given it to her.

Rosemarie Hathaway's thoughts on her conversation with her mother, Frostbite, page 317.

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