I hate them sometimes. Sometimes I hate him too.

—Mrs. Sage referring to the Alchemists and Jared Sage, to Sydney.

Deborah Sage is the wife of Alchemist Jared Sage and the mother of Carly, Sydney and Zoe Sage. She has stated the that she hates the Alchemists and sometimes her husband, whom she has filed for divorce in The Fiery Heart.


Her name is Deborah Sage as revealed by Richelle Mead in answer to a fan's question in one of her many Twitter Chats. Sydney describes her as a free spirit. She does not appear to be hesitant in voicing her opinion, and she loves her daughters very much. While her husband, Jared Sage, is strict, Mrs. Sage is more relaxed and easygoing.

According to Sydney in Bloodlines, her mother is very similar to that of her friend Rosemarie Hathaway through their outspoken persona.

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