Mr. Nagy is the teacher for Slavic Art at St. Vladimir's Academy. He is "legendary for his ability to humiliate students by reading notes aloud". When Rose tells Lissa in a note about her encounter with Jesse, Mr. Nagy reads the letter aloud. He is also known for drinking and has a stash on campus. In order to become Strigoi, Natalie kills Mr. Nagy.

In Vampire AcademyEdit

  • His name has been changed to Mr. Meisner
  • Instead of killing him, Natalie kills Ray in order to become Strigoi.
  • Instead of reading a note from Rose, he reads one from Mia.
Oh, no Mr. Miesner. Please don't read this note out loud, I beg of you.

— Mia, Vampire Academy Movie

Eytmology Edit

Nagy is a very common Hungarian surname meaning "big" or "great".

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