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Eye Colour
Skin Colour
various with the pale tone
Related Species
  • Elements
  • Regenerative healing factor
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Strong persuasion
  • Empathy
  • Blood consumption
  • Supernatural Beauty


Moroi's abilities are weaker than dhampir's abilities

Moroi are benevolent vampires. Opposed to the Strigoi, they are alive, mortal and born.

Characteristics Edit

Moroi are said to be very beautiful. Moroi's skin is described as being very pale and their bodies are slim and tall. Moroi are much taller and slimmer than humans. Standing next to their Dhampir guardians they look very pale, very tall, but also less muscular. Which they are. Due to their slim bodies, female Moroi in general have smaller breasts and slimmer hips than their Dhampir cousins, who are usually more curvaceous. These traits attract the attention of Moroi males. Moroi females and males are described as possessing a supernatural beauty.


Most Moroi do not feel comfortable being in the sunlight, though they still can be outside during the day time. Often Moroi can use magic, the length of their magical capabilities is shown in Spirit Bound. Moroi use the elements earth, water, and air, combining them to make the Alchemist tattoo's (golden flower). It is common for a Moroi to specialize in one of the elements: air, fire, earth, water or spirit, the element spirit being forgotten for a long time. Moroi who specialized in the spirit element were thought to have not specialize at all. Moroi also have a special ability called compulsion which forces their will onto their victim through eye contact. Strigoi and spirit users have much stronger complusion than the regular moroi. Moroi are not allowed to use their abilities as offensive, only defensive. This is why they want Dhampirs as guardians to protect them. Though it is known that in the past, moroi used to fight alongside with their Dhampirs guardian (using their ability both offensive and defensive). The users of water, fire, earth and air are drawing their powers from each element. Only spirit users are drawing their powers from their mind and body.


  • Regenerative Healing Factor -
  • Enhanced Senses - Moroi can see, hear, taste, and touch better than humans, but in movie adaptation there is a mistake because Natalie has eyeglasses. Moroi don't have glasses because they have excellent sight. 
  • Enhanced Speed - Moroi are faster than humans, but aren't as fast as dhampirs and Strigoi.
  • Enhanced Intelligence -
  • Enhanced Memory -
  • Enhanced Charisma -
  • Social Magnetism -
  • Empathy - Moroi are very charismatic and empathic creatures. They loves animals.
  • Limited Darkness Adaptation - Moroi don't like a sunlight and they want life at night thanks to that their night vision. 
  • Limited Daytime walking - Moroi are able to walk outside during the day, but the sun weakens them. 
  • Strong persuasion -
  • Supernatural Beauty - Female and male moroi have beautiful faces, beautiful hair and slim bodies. They are immensely beautiful and tall and their skin is pale. They are more comely than dhampirs.
  • Self-control - Moroi do not have to kill to feed, unlike Strigoi, and take small bites to nourish themselves.
  • Elements - Moroi specializes in a certain element they are the strongest in whether it is earth, air, fire, water, and spirit yet they have low control over all the elements. 
  • Compulsion - Moroi are able to control the minds of humans, dhampirs, and Moroi to certain degree; spirit users are the strongest in this ability.


  • Sunlight - Moroi feel discomfort during a daytime walking.
  • Moroi's abilities - moroi's abilities are weaker than Strigoi's abilities. And Moroi are less strong, tough and nimble than Dhampirs.


A Moroi's diet consist of blood as well as normal food. They can survive on either, but blood is more important to them. Usually the school they attend provides human feeders for them to have daily feedings. Moroi bites contain endorphines that enduces emotional and physical euphoria that some say is better than sex and many of the feeders are addicted to the bites. The longest a Moroi can go without blood is two days, after which they start to weaken. Signs of this are their already pale skin becoming even paler, dark circles under their eyes, and their strength beginning to wane.


The Moroi have a King or Queen who is chosen and elected from one of the twelve royal families. The oldest in the family gets the title of "prince" or "princess". Royal Moroi are supposed to have at least two guardians. Since there are more Moroi than dhampirs, many Moroi have to make do without a guardian, but this does not apply to royals, who come first.

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