Maura is an Alchemist was sent to Palm Springs to guard Moroi Princess Jillian Mastrano in the replacement of Sydney Sage and her younger sister, Zoe. She is questioned by Adrian asking where Sydney was, but refuses to answer.


The Fiery HeartEdit

Maura appears at the end of the novel, telling the gang that she is a replacement Alchemist in Sydney's place. She also tells them she wants a large space from any of them, but also gives them her phone number is needed for extreme emergmency's only and not for social callings. Maura is then questioned by Adrian, who asks her where Sydney is  but she refused to speak of Sydney's location and tells them that Zoe has been re-assgined.


Maura is a typical Alchemist in that she is arrogant and disdainful of vampires.

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