Marlen is a Strigoi who lived in Galina's estate. He has an antoginistic relationship with his childe, Dimitri Belikov.


First appearing in Blood Promise, Marlen attacked Rose Hathaway while he went hunting in Novosibirsk. After been taken down by Rose and her teamates, Marlen was tortured by Rose at stake-point for information on Dimitri's whereabouts. and planned on killing him. Marlen knew everything about Dimitri, and was told by Rose to send a message to Dimitri. Later after Rose was captured and taken to Galina's estate, Marlen was thrilled to see Rose again and told her that he would remember her name once Dimitri would turn her into a Strigoi or kill her. He was later killed by Dimitri when he and Nathan tried to prevent Rose from escaping.

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