Malachi Wolfe is a self defense instructor. Sydney Sage and Adrian Ivashkov go to his classes in The Golden Lily.

In The Indigo Spell, Sydney gets a gun from him. He also tells Sydney to not let love go, as he regrets letting go of Silver Tooth Sally.

As of The Fiery Heart, he is dating Jaclyn Terwilliger, Sydney's witch mentor. He mentions that he once dated a woman named Toctulla, an Aztec princess, of whose name he had tattoo of on his thigh. He left her because he was a free bird and she was not. He got the name tattoo changed to "Tactful".


  • Malachi wears an eyepatch and tells stories of how he lost his eye. His story changes, but one said that he lost his eye while fighting a moose with nunchucks.
  • It is still unknown how he actually lost his eye.
  • His eyepatch is on a different eye in The Indigo Spell, which means he probably never even lost his eye.
  • He has an arsenal on weapons, including a blow-gun. He said he got the blow-gun from an Amazonian warrior after he fought him.

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