Mână is a Romanian word meaning "hand" and is an elite group for royals in different Moroi schools. Adrian Ivashkov said there was a chapter of the Mână at his school, and they usually had some kind of plot.

Mână at St. Vladimir's Academy in Shadow KissEdit

Jesse Zeklos was one of the founding members. The "plot" this group of Mână had was that they would secretly practice compulsion among themselves and would have control over the non-royal Moroi who's "voices were getting too loud" about fighting Strigoi along side their Guardians with the elements.
To initiate members, they'd torture the person with the elements until they couldn't stand it. First came, earth, then air, then water, and last, fire. In the heat of it, if the person managed any kind of compulsion to make the element user stop, they would be allowed in the group. This initiation ceremony was done to Vasilisa Dragomir after it was observed that she had very good compulsion skills.

Rosemarie Hathaway also discovered that the negative use of magic so close to the school's wards caused the positive magic in the wards to deteriorate, leaving the school open to attack by Strigoi, which is exactly what happened the night Mână tried to initiate Vasilisa Dragomir.

Known Members of the Mână at St. Vladimir's AcademyEdit

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