Lia DiStefano is a fashion icon and a popular designer in Palm Springs. Jill is first asked by Lia to be a model in a runway show in Bloodlines but has to decline because she is on house-arrest and she can't risk pictures of her appearing in magazines. Jill manages to model in Lia's show by wearing a mask on stage and turning the show into an extracurricular activity for school by signing up for a fashion elective. She is seen again in The Golden Lily when Lia tries to get Sydney to allow Jill to model for her in another photo spread but Sydney decides against it saying it would be too risky. At first Lia tries to bribe them by making them custom made halloween costumes and giving them gifts, but in the end she tricks Jill into being photographed for the shoot and when her photo is published for the whole world to see Sydney has a HUGE problem on her hands

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