Kristin Sawyer goes to Amberwood and quickly becomes friends with Sydney Sage. Kristin also mentions that she thinks Sydney's "brother" Keith is cute. She gets an allergic reaction from the tattoo she gets from Nevermore, and Sydney saves her by using an Alchemist concoction to make the tattoo dissolve somewhat. In return, Kristin helps Sydney get revenge on Laurel by switching her shampoo. When Sydney is preparing for her date with Brayden, Kristin gives Sydney advice, and also insists that she come down to meet Brayden since she "can spot an asshole in a minute". She is first mentioned in Bloodlines,

In The Indigo Spell, she turns down Sydney's offer to tutor Angeline as she is scared of her. She advises Sydney to find someone who isn't deathly afraid of Angeline to tutor her. She is excited when Sydney decides to use the tree outside her dorm window to sneak out after curfew, and wishes her luck.

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