Karolina Belikova is the eldest child from the Belikov family. She lives in Baia, Russia with her mother, Olena, her grandmother, Yeva, her two younger sisters, Sonja and Viktoria and her two kids, Paul and Zoya. Karolina is approximately 26 years old.

In Blood Promise, Karolina is among the first of the Belikovs to meet Rose, who sees her as a young, gentle women, and appears to be a very good mother. When the group of Umpromised dhampirs (Denis, Artur and Lev) show up after an Easter church service, however, Karolina steps up and confronts the boys, telling them that what they're doing is dangerous and that if they want to take down Strigoi, they should join the Guardians. Rose admits she seems more like Dimitri than ever, standing up to her enemies and protecting her loved ones.

In Homecoming, it is revealed that Karolina and her boyfriend, a Guardian who visits whenever he has leave, are getting quite serious, and she is seen excitedly discussing plans with her sisters and mother about her brother's future marriage to Rose Hathaway.

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