Janine Hathaway is Rose Hathaway's mother. She is first seen in Frostbite, and later reappears in Shadow Kiss after the Strigoi attack on St. Vladimir's. As Rose told Deirdre, the counselor, she'd had a rocky relationship with her mother for most of her life, with the distance that comes from having a Guardian as a parent. After Mason's death, she was there for Rose, and they hoped to have a better relationship in the future. She was part of the assault on the Strigoi after the attack to rescue some victims that were taken away. After Rose left to hunt Dimitri, she offered to be Lissa's guardian.  She is assigned to a Szelsky lord in Nepal during Vampire Academy. Her nationality is Scottish. It is widely known that her favourite food is applesauce. She is eating it in nearly every scene she appears in.


Ibrahim "Abe" MazurEdit

He is Rosemarie Hathaway's father. He is a very powerful and wealthy Moroi. Janine and Abe fell in love and she had Rose, both Abe and Janine decided he should stay away from her due to his "business". During Blood Promise, Janine contacts Abe to help find Rose. They reconnect their relationship during Spirit Bound.

Rosemarie HathawayEdit

She is Janine Hathaway's daughter with Ibrahim Mazur. Neither Janine or Rose saw eye to eye and their relationship was very strained and tight. However, after Mason's death in Frostbite their relationship gets better and better, adding in Abe to their disfunctional relationship.

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