Ivan Grigorovitch is a human who appears in anthology Homecoming by Richelle Mead.

He goes to hunt The Blood King, a Strigoi who lives northwest of Baia like many other humans. He is caught spying on Dimitri, Rose and Mark who have traveled to the mountains after Yeva had forseen that someone who has walked the road of death would kill the Blood King. He carries around a wooden stake and was amused when he saw the silver stakes. He offers to help them hunt the strigoi. Rose sees his enthusiasm but agrees when both Dimitri and Mark refuse and order him to go back to his village. He agrees, but soon it was found that he never left beacause he had no means to leave. Some friends from his village had dropped him off, with the intent of coming back in two days to see if he was dead or alive.

That night he is trapped by the strigoi in order to get Dimitri, Rose and Mark inside the cave and is then rescued by the team. He believes his involvement in the killing of the Blood King had a large positive impact on the fight, even going as far as to say that the others would have died were it not for him. Mark, Dimitri, and especially Rose find him very annoying and are beyond happy when they drop him off at his hometown.

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