Mrs. Desiree Weathers is the dorm matron for the East Campus at Amberwood Prep. She is also responsible for some of the disciplinary actions taken against the female residents that reside in East Campus.


Mrs. Weathers has a few run-ins with Sydney Sage and Jillian Mastrano Dragomir while the girls are undercover there. Once, Jill sneaks out to spend time with her boyfriend, Lee Donahue. Jill received very strict punishment for an underclassman sneaking off grounds, but Sydney realized the problem. If Jill had no off campus privileges, then Jill couldn't get to her twice weekly feedings and she would die. Sydney quickly comes up with the excuse that Jill needs to be let off campus twice a week because of there family meetings which are religious. Mrs. Weathers and the principle finally allow Jill two days a week and no more.

The Golden LilyEdit

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