Declan Neil Raymond is the biological son of Dhampir Olive Sinclair and Dhampir Neil Raymond. He born through Spirit due to his mother restoration from Strigoi and his father's Spirit protection in his tattoo. Declan is the first Dhampir born from two Dhampirs in existance. His mother died shortly after his birth, and his father left to protect him.

He became the adoptive son of Royal Moroi Adrian Ivashkov and Human-Witch Sydney Ivashkov.

History Edit

Declan Neil Raymond was conceived after both of his parents had within them the power of Spirit. His mother, Olive Sinclair, ran away from Court to escape her son from being experimented on due that he would be born from two Dhampir parents. His conception and birth was hidden from his father Guardian Neil Raymond. His mother died shortly after giving birth to him, leaving him motherless. But before she died she named after his father, and told Adrian Ivashkov about his true origins.

Soon after his birth his father Neil learned about the conception and birth of his son. But due to the loss of Olive and fearing of his son being experimented on by Moroi and Alchemist he refused to his see Declan. Within this Neil told Adrian to take care of his son and protect him from harm and that he knew that Declan need a safe environment to grow up in throughout his life. Unfortunately at this same time, his father declared him AWOL to the Guardians in which he ordered Adrian in a letter to tell everyone to protect Declan.

He was taken away by Adrian and Sydney Ivashkov, where after a few months they faked his age and named him their biological child by the advice of Neil in the same letter. Declan lives with his adoptive parents and their Guardian Eddie Castile.

Etymology Edit

Declan is an ancient Irish given male name, it means "man of prayer" in Irish Gaelic. It is seen as popular due to a Irish Saint Declan of Ardmore in the 5th Century.

Neil is an Irish and Scottish male given name. It is seen to have three meanings aligned with the given name, the first "Champion" and also "Cloud" and the last being "passionate". This name comes from the Irish but eventually the Vikings who adopted the name, is eventually integrated into Norway, Denmark, Normandy and eventually England.

Raymond is a male name and also surname. It was borrowed by the English from the French during the Middle Ages. Originally the first meaning of the name was "King of the World", coming from the Early Middle Ages in Latin. It eventually formed into a Germanic name with the meanings of "Counsellor, Protector, Wise Protector and Mighty", all of these meanings could forshadow his future in becoming a Guardian.

Trivia Edit

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