Danila Valerevich Kozlovsky was born on the 3rd of May, 1985 in Moscow, Russia.


From a very young age he was into music, dancing and playing football (soccer) with his two brothers Egor and
Ivan. Danila began first grade in a public school but was expelled in the first year for bad behaviour, he spent the next six years bouncing between schools for the same reason before having to finish his education in a special navy school preparing students for the Military Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affair, where his brothers also went to school. He spent his freetime learning karate, playing football, taking piano classes and attending a theatre studio.

As a nine-year-old Danila score his first role in a television series, Simple Truths as Denis.

Two years later in 1996 he was accepted into Kronshtadt Sea Military School where he attended until 2002 when he graduated. That year Danila went to Saint-Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy, enroling in the acting/directing course of Lev Dodin.

During his fourth year there, 2006,  he scored a role as Edgar in King Lear a stage production. This role earned him a special prize of Expert Council of the Golden sofit (the top-rated Saint-Petersburg theatre award) for Best Debut.

In 2005 he stared in Garpastum as Nikolai, earning him the Russian Cinema Critics Guild White Elephant Award for the best leading part.

Two years later he came back with Zaveshchanie Lenina, a TV mini series, playing Sergey.

The next year, 2008, he starred as Borman from the film We Are The Future, followed by Jolly Fellows, acting as Lyusya.

In 2010 he landed three roles in Odinochka, as Andrey Gromov, in Maskva, ya lyublyn tebya! and then Antalya. The next year was full as well as he played, Grand-duc Dimitriy in Raspountine, Aleksey Kaverin in Five Brides and Mitya in The Target.

In 2012 he took a role in Dukhless which gave him the The National Zolotoy Orel Award, nomination for Best Cinema  Actor. He also starred in Legend No. 17 as Valery Kharlamov.

As for 2014 he will be playing Dimitri Belikov,  from Best Selling Author, Richelle Mead's Series, Vampire Academy, with Zoey Deutch as Rose, a possible partner for Dimitri and Lucy Fry as Lissa, Rose's best friend. This year wil be spent training and filming the movie, Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters for it's release on 2/07/2014.


  •  He plays the saxophone and piano.
  • Toured several European countries and Australia with the Maly Drama Theatre.
  • He doesn't think his time in the military schools were wasted (definitely not since he's going to play Dimitri!)
  • His older brother is Egor, and his younger brother is Ivan.
  • Has started growing his hair long for his role as Dimitri.
  • He was married to actress Urszula Magdalena Malka, in 2008 but they divorced in 2011.
  • He has acted twice with the name Dimitri in his films.

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