Cicero is the Sage family cat. Although he never appears (except in a bizarre dream), he is mentioned several times in the series. After Mrs. Sage files for a divorce, she takes Cicero with her.


Sydney notes that the Strigoi watches her similar to how Cicero acts when he watches birds.

The Golden LilyEdit

Sydney comments that her cat back in Utah is more responsible than Angeline.

The Indigo SpellEdit

Sydney has a dream that Cicero can talk and he offers to drive to Birmingham with her. She suggests they go to Fargo, and the dream is interrupted by Alicia, who is trying to find Sydney.

The Fiery HeartEdit

Mrs. Sage mentions that when she left the house, she took Cicero with her.


  • It is interesting that Cicero only appears in Sydney's dreams or thoughts, as cats are believed to be magical familiars to witches or magical talented people.

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