Blood whore is negative term used to describe a dhampir who lets Moroi drink from them during sex. This behavior is considered scandalous to both Moroi and dhampir alike and they are looked down upon for it. Blood whores generally wear revealing clothes and tons of make up in hopes to get a good Moroi. Rose gets teased about wanting to be a blood whore because she let Lissa feed off of her when they ran away. Not only does she get teased but is bullied because of it. Blood whore is also a term often given to any Dhampir mother who doesn't choose to become a guardian, but instead raise their children often in a dhampir commune. A dhampir commune is a community where groups of dhampir mother's and their families live. Since the stigma that all Dhampir's who don't become guardian's are blood whore's there is also a stigma about these Dhampir communes often given the nickname and slur "Blood whore commune" or blood whore house. These dhampir communes are often depicted as places where moroi men go to have sex and drink blood from female Dhampir's. Although this is sometimes true it isn't always correct. For example Baia, Russia where Dimitri lived.

A Quote From Vampire Academy: The Ultimate GuideEdit

Bloodwhore: "An insulting term for a dhampir, male or female, who allows a Moroi to drink their blood while having sex. It's also an unfair slur often applied to single dhampir mothers who choose to raise their children instead of becoming guardians." -- Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide. Page 300.

Teenage Dhampir's are often peer pressured into blood whore act's by moroi males. A moroi bite releases endorphins and drugs that causes a "happy" high to the bite. Like Blood whores, feeder's are often looked down on because there basically addicts to a moroi bite(aka drug). And when you bite someone during intimate acts like sex it is said to give an amazing feeling to both parties.

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