Ambrose is Queen Tatiana's personal masseuse and rumored secret lover.


Shadow KissEdit

In Shadow Kiss, he takes care of Rose's feet and later brings her and Lissa to his aunt Rhonda. He didn't want to be a guardian like most other dhampir guys were since he wasn't interested in fighting Strigoi. Rather than running away, Ambrose began to work at the Court where he did random jobs here and there. When Rose noticed the bite marks on his neck, she thought he was a human, but she was shocked to find out that he was actually a dhampir because she'd never even considered a male blood whore. Lissa, worried about Rose's love life, specifically requested him to be Rose's masseuse.

Spirit BoundEdit

In Spirit Bound, he takes Rose to Rhonda to have another fortune read.


Ambrose had curly black hair, and deep gold skin. Muscular body with bite marks on his neck.

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