Alicia DeGraw is a seemingly benign teenage girl who turns out to be an evil magic user. She was also Veronica Terwilliger's apprentice, who went rogue.

The Indigo SpellEdit

She greets Sydney and Adrian at the Old World Bed-and-Breakfast where she works and gives them a tour of the rooms. She also mentions that Veronica stayed in the Velvet Suite and left the day before. She later uses Sydney's cross necklace to wreck Latte. In addition, it is revealed that she consumed Veronica Terwilliger and three other victims. She and Sydney battle at Ms. Terwilliger's house, resulting in a fire. No remains are uncovered afterwards, so it is speculated that she survived.


Alicia pretends to be an innocent teenage girl, but is actually quite ruthless and selfish. She is very smart, or "the Moriarty to Sydney's Holmes" as Adrian puts it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Alicia is talented enough at magic that she is easily able to create the concealment amulets, and an amulet that makes her resistant to Adrian's compulsion. She also is able to easily block most of Sydney's magic.


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